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  • Tai Chi Wellebeing Holidays
  • The truly healthy way to holiday. Health & Optimal Fitness Programs. Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Taoist Yoga.
  • Training center and world-class instruction of health and well being in the Best environment to relax.
  • Relax, rejuvenate and find your inner peace... Dont just come for a holiday.
  • Reclaim your health , longevity and spirit in the Sunny Island of Fuerteventura.
  • Enjoy our detox, healthy and tasty food made for you with love at Villa Azul.
  • Discover a new way of vacation and feel like you are at home making new good friends.
  • Ready to take off on the journey of a lifetime? Breath... Relax... Excercise and feel the Qi, the universe vital energy in every cell of your body.
  • Explore your own true nature. Release... Flow & quiet the mind.
  • “Paradise on Paradise Island” Sun, Peace, Beach & Volcanoes Tai Chi Holiday. Enjoy the experience with us

Disconnect from the daily routine and enjoy a new Wellbeing journey on the sun-blessed island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands . An individual approach to the retreat experience – Tai Chi, Taoist Gymnastics-Yoga, Qi Gong, vegetarian food and holistic treatments. Opens the door to vibrant health, abundance, and happiness to experience profound benefits that energize your life.

Fantastic experience all year around a exceptional deep Tai Chi & Taoist Internal Alchemy, focusing on workout, stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility, posture and directing more energy into your internal organs for increase performance, fight disease, and lay the groundwork for higher spiritual work. Awaken the spark present within you and be met with a smile that says 'you are home'.

We have extensive experience in teaching, World-class instruction to share from the heart our experience and passion with you. Creative mouthwatering vegetarian food, sociable meals, prepared with love by our Chef- nutritionist and  Fun, stylish and restful – rooms for all tastes and budgets at the tranquil Villa Azul Retreat and beach Tai Chi Lodge.

Our locations are hand picked for their energy and beauty, allowing you to have the perfect setting for your wellbeing holiday. Epic sand dunes rolling down into the turquoise ocean, breathtaking white-sand beaches and dramatic volcanic sunsets. Let nature revive your spirit. If you are looking for a Tai Chi retreat, here you will find an idyllic Tai Chi retreat experience with an exotic twist – Spanish food and culture with an African climate and white sand beaches. All just a short flight from Europe. It’s the perfect haven for your wellbeing journey. 

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Villa Azul Retreat

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Nestled amongst the volcanoes with views to the sea is Villa Azul Tai Chi, Taoist Gymnastics-Yoga & Qi Gong Retreat. Enliven your practice on the beautiful wooden deck or beautiful Buddha garden. Relax by the pool, take in the view from the terrace and enjoy vibrant vegetarian meals with like minded people. Choose from a range of exotically decorated rooms at this eco-villa retreat…click info... 

 Tai Chi Nature Excursion-Classes. Practice outdoors in your Holidays , Fit, Fun & Flow. Read more... 

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 Lotus Tai Chi Retreat 

bANNER Tai Chi  

In a quiet, leafy area of beach-town Corralejo is Lotus Tai Chi Retreat. Salute to the sun as it rises over the ocean during morning beach Tai Chi. Meditate amongst the swaying palm trees as the sun goes down on the lodge terrace. Stroll to the beautiful beaches, sunbathe on the roof terrace, enjoy the delicious healthy breakfasts and make the most of the tapas and seafood restaurants on your doorstep…Click info...        


Drop-in Tai Chi, Qi Gong &Taoist Yoga-Gymnastics regular classes at CorralejoRead more... 

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"My tai chi lessons with Paco exceeded my expectations. He is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person. And his sense of humour was an unexpected bonus. I never thought I would spend so much time laughing in a tai chi class! Yet, at the same time, working hard, taking the lesson very seriously and making progress in my practice. All in all a very positive experience. Enid 73 -years- old , London"