Our training program, belongs to the "Wang Wei Guo" school in China, it has several different components, all of equal importance, to learn and understand Tai Chi practice.

Tai Chi masters have practiced these basic exercises for thousands of years to develop inner strength through Qi Gong. This system channels the energy of the universe throughout different movements and techniques, contributing to feed our own reserves of energy, also called "The Elixir of Life" to maintain a good state of health, physically and mentally


Deeply specific exercises of stretching and gymnastics to develop the awareness of move any part of our body. At first you might be surprised that you move certain areas that maybe since child did not move. The awareness and activation of these areas that did not move for so long will help you channel energy and blood supply again to unblock them, thus avoiding certain pathologies and moving again fluently. All movements that include these techniques seek to strengthen, open and release to feel agile and light

This practice brings the benefits of warm-up all parts of the body, avoiding injuries during the training. Each student does what he can and is gradually getting better, the important thing is to go at his own pace to give his body time to strengthen, align and put everything in its place. The difficulty of the posture or movements will gradually move forward.


Qi Gong is an ancient practice of meditation and traditional Chinese medicine and it works with the vital energy of the body collecting and cultivating the universal energy of nature. By using the body-mind connection, the impurities are separated from the internal organs and stress is released from the body.

With this exercise we’ll work with the energy from the body and the breathing.

It’s one of the most important practices in order to improve mental and physical well-being, tranquility and longevity.


Discover the Yang Shao Hou style, our form has 108 movement but we split it into three parts to learn it better, Our teaching method is the same as my Master from China learned from his Grandmaster . This education system has gone from generation to generation until today and we are fortunate to be able to learn as more than 500 years ago. You will enjoy a deep Yang Tai Chi & Taoist Internal Alchemy with Qi Gong, We will have Tui Shou and the first part of the form training every day. The Tai Chi Gymnastics will focus on your workout, stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility, posture and directing more energy into your internal organs for increased performance, fight disease, and lay the groundwork for higher spiritual work.


It’s an important part of the traditional Tai Chi training. It’s practiced with other person to develop the energy of listening and putting into practice what we have learned. Tai Chi pushing hands builds your strength and flexibility of the muscles of your legs, building the central union between the upper and lower part of the body.

A strong core supports almost everything you do in your day. It’s a very important aspect to improve the performance in almost any sport extending your range of motion. Pushing hands will keep you motivated to continue your challenge to ensure progress as you continue with your practice.


It’s a high-quality, well-formed education system based on the traditional Tai Chi that has been passed down from generation to generation to nowadays. We are sure that you will meet and exceed your expectations.

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