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Most basic testing methods of Qigong Coaching

- Do you want to feel YOUR authentic Flow, so you can learn the most intelligent method for decision-making based on energy awareness?

- Would you like to learn how to be awake in your dreams - both night and daydreams - which would help you develop YOUR energy awareness to an extraordinary level

- How would you like to transform your life, if you could learn to consciously manifest and live YOUR greatest dreams?

Your answers to these questions may reveal how ready you are to enjoy the most incredible spiritual adventure... For many years, my students have been asking me when I would lead week long or longer retreats at some exciting locations overseas. Although I am a world traveler, I was not sure about the best place to offer such events, so I kept putting these plans on the back burner, as it were.

Last month, I finally realized that, instead of trying to figure out all the answers with the help my crystal ball, I just needed to ask our community about the most desirable locations for international Qigong retreats. And when I shared the survey responses with some of my fellow retreat leaders, they were shocked: neither Bali nor Costa Rica came in first... The #1 location for a Dream Qigong Retreat turned out the CANARY ISLANDS, just as was predicted by the crystal ball!

Of course, Costa Rica and Bali scored pretty high, as did Hawaii and New Zealand, so I am going to plan retreats at those locations for you as well.

But right now I invite you to jump into the opportunity to spend a week on the magical Canary Islands with not only yours truly, but also my parents, both of whom have much deeper knowledge than me (I am much more oriented towards practice, while they are seriously wise).

I want you to build a strong foundation for enjoying a lot more happiness and enlightenment by participating in our immersive week-long event at one of the most amazing places on Earth – the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa – on September 9th- 15th 2018. And the first coolest thing about this retreat is that it will be held on the island of Fuerteventura, which is off the beaten path of most tourists visiting the Canaries, even though it has its own international airport!

This retreat is only right for you, if you are an intrepid explorer of consciousness, a spiritual adventurer ready to discover for yourself some of the most profound aspects of energy awareness and lucid dreaming based on Tibetan Shamanic Qigong and Dream Yoga, which most spiritual seekers never get to learn, unless they attend the immersion program like this one.

You will have a unique opportunity to practice Qigong with me every morning, enjoy the world-class beaches and national parks during the day, study Dream Yoga every evening, and explore Lucid Dreaming every night. The latter is the secret behind the accomplishments of the Tibetan Lamas, Yogis and Qigong masters of the olden days, which seem to be out of this world nowadays. I actually regard lucid dreaming as the spiritual cornerstone of Tai Chi and Qigong.

For instance, how do you think Tai Chi got created? According to the legend about the origins of this Internal Martial Art, its apocryphal founder named Zhang Sanfeng dreamed about a snake fighting off a crane by using the flexible moves of its slithering body to avoid the beak and claws of the aggressive bird, as though knowing the moves of the bird before they actually occurred. I bet you can already see how this wisdom of energy awareness and ability to relax under pressure can be directly applicable to your modern lifestyle.

Imagine for a moment what would happen, if you started making all your decisions on the basis of sensing energy resonance, rather than any preconceived ideas and stereotypes of thinking that seem to dominate human consciousness nowadays? That would certainly make your decision-making much more authentic and confident, since you would feel thoroughly informed by your highly developed sixth sense.

During this incredible week on the Canary Islands, you will be able to rejuvenate your body, restore your energy, and awaken your spirit. You will be able to enjoy daily energy practices in the mornings, meditation classes in the evenings as well as a private coaching session with yours truly. And if you haven't yet, you will even receive an initiation into the practice of Empowerment, which will help you feel the flow of energy in your body and around it, so you can enjoy being in the flow at will.

You will also have ample time to enjoy the tropical paradise our retreat is being held in: have fun on the beach that is just down the road, soak in the energy of the majestic volcano in the middle of the island, visit the spectacular and magical Dunas National Park, or explore the local markets, culture, and cuisine.

Included are also five delicious dinners bursting with flavors and colors – the healthy food that you will likely get inspired to prepare upon returning home. All meals are vegetarian with regular and gluten-free options (we can meet specific dietary requirements with prior notice). Both brunches and dinners are served daily, except for a couple of evenings, when the entire group is going to eat out at one of the fabulous restaurants serving some mouth-watering tapas and seafood. You will be dreaming for months about our delectable food, delightful atmosphere, and fantastic accommodations!