In addition to good instruction and technical advice, this retreat offers you the opportunity to be guided by instructors with a profound knowledge of the local waves.




When you get to know Fuerteventura, you will ask yourself how it is possible for such a place to exist so close to home.

The first-time surfer wants to learn and the expert doesn't want to stop progressing. Both also want to have fun. They need a challenge appropriate to their abilities. The North of Fuerteventura has the perfect wave for you whether you are new to the board or you are an advanced enthusiast who wants new challenges.

Fuerteventura's 150 km of beaches have world-class waves and also soft wave beaches ideal for learning and unknown and little-visited coves. It takes years, perhaps decades, to get to know the island and its secrets well. Our instructors are natives of the island and will be able to guide you better than anyone else.

The location of Villa Azul is ideal to get to the best spots on the island, such as North Shore, Corralejo, and Cotillo while enjoying tranquil ambience and comfortable accommodation.


Balance Between Heath And Pleasure

Balance is important in surfing, in yoga, in life... and of course in food. Discover that food can be a source of balance and health in your life.

It is written that we are only beings under heaven and on earth. All we might need to be well is there. Few things make us so aware of it as being in nature, on the beach surfing for example. Our vital energy comes daily from heaven and earth, from what we breathe and eat. It is important to keep it in mind in order to offer ourselves what is basic and vital, such as uncluttered open spaces to breathe freely, and organic, fresh and clean food to nourish us.

In Villa Azul, food is a vital part of the stay. It is an essential part of the integral experience we want to offer you. Let yourself be surprised every day by the menu designed and prepared by our nutritional advisor and enjoy delicious food that is organic, vegan, local and cooked in a healthy way.


An Experience Beyond The Physical

A change of perspective to transform your view of things

Surfing goes beyond the physical. Happiness finds you when you surf. You don't look for it. It's funny that surfing makes you feel strong and valuable just when you're in the middle of one of the world's most powerful forces, the ocean. Even when it is calm, you know the sea is unmanageable; even when it's peaceful we know it's wild. The sense of validity and strength that we feel comes from the ability to be part of its movement, not from dominating it. Surfing teaches you something really important, it teaches you attitude. A mixture of humility and confidence. In and out of the water.

The so-called offshore wind is the one that blows from land to sea. It hollows out the wave, opens it, gives it shape and polishes it, leaving it perfect. It is the preferred wind for surfing. The onshore wind, on the contrary, produces difficult waves. It is like in life, sometimes the conditions seem more favorable for what we want to do and at others more adverse. But it is only in appearance. It's just the surface. We know that we can rise above the circumstances and discover the potential of all opportunities and moments. This is called a positive attitude. Attitude is always seeing the perfect wave, always living offshore, metaphorically. For us to say "always offshore" means attitude. Let's choose that. It sounds like a play on words, but it changes the way you live. That's why we encourage you to come and practice yoga and surf so that you can connect with an "always offshore" spirit that will never leave you.


Take it to the waves.

Bring the physical and mental benefits of Yoga to your surfing experience

There's nothing better before surfing than yoga, and there's nothing better afterward either. A yoga class prior to surfing activates you. It allows you to enter the waves serene but awake, relaxed but ready for action. It increases your flexibility, your balance and increases your attention to the present moment which puts you in the best disposition to face and enjoy what the day has in store for you. A yoga class can also be an excellent way to end an exhausting day at sea. It allows you to reconnect with your body and recover from exertion.

At Villa Azul both options are available at your convenience. You can hire the Yoga classes in advance or once you are here, and check on the spot what your body needs. Classes take place in the beautiful yoga room that opens onto the garden or in Buddha's Garden, surrounded by lush vegetation, fruit trees, and palm trees.

There is also the possibility of add on Taichi, Qigong or Taoist gymnastics classes.



Contact us before booking your flight and confirm availability.

We offer personalized private courses from an increase from 500€ per week

This retreat includes: 7 nights accommodation, 4 days Surf course usually in the morning from 10:00 (pickup time) to 13:30,5 Yoga or Tai Chi with Qigong classes of one hour, 4 Brunch, 3 Delicious Tasty Dinners per week. 1 Auriculotherapy Treatment. 

The price does not include: flights, airport transfers or travel insurance


Morocco Suite

180.00 € / night Private

130.00 € / night Shared

Just 70 miles off the coast of Morocco, we are proud to bring you the Moroccan experience. With a plush 5-star style ambience, complete with stunning views to the coast, you will feel like you’ve had a taste of the exotic.

The suite has an open-plan bedroom, a small single bedroom, an outdoor roof terrace, a kitchenette and a large en-suite bathroom. This room is perfect for couples, a family of three, or two friends travelling together.

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Santa Fe Room

140.00 € / night Private - 125.00 € / night Shared

This experience is themed after the artistic mountain town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a town with beautiful energy much like Fuerteventura. Santa Fe is a wellbeing haven, and you will feel that the moment you step in the door. Decorated with the south-western charm that makes so many feel at home there. With views to the coast this large, light space is a lovely place to spend your holidays with us. .

There is a large comfortable double bed, allowing the room to sleep one or two. Shared Bathroom just with one room.

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Bali Room

140.00 € / night Private - 125.00 € / night Shared

The sacred temples, beauty and mystery of Bali provide the perfect setting for a wellbeing journey. The beauty of the land and the kindness of the people provide inspiration for this bright and comfortable space. You can rest, reflect, meditate and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the villa. Main level, with a garden view. Shared bath. There are two single beds, which can be made up as a double in this lovely space. Shared Bathroom just with one room.

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California Room

125.00 € / night Private - 115.00 € / night Shared

The good hospitality and great vibes of the American west coast provide the theme for this cosy option. A private space with a shared bath, its a nice option for those on a budget. There is a window in the California Room which opens into the hallway in front of the yoga shala. The hallway opens up directly to the outside so there is a fresh air breeze coming in. There are no windows in the room facing directly outside. The room is on our base level, which keeps it cool in temperature in the warmer months. Private Bathroom.

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Little India Apartment

160.00 € / night Private - 140.00 € / night Shared

Travelling to exotic India may be a bit much for just a week, but stay with us and complete your yogic experience by surrounding yourself with the sights and colours of this beautiful land.

This bright apartment has a bedroom, en-suite, lounge with sofa and dining table, kitchenette and garden terrace. The beds can be made up as a double or as two single beds (both options are shown in the gallery below), so the room is perfect for solo travellers, couples and friends travelling together. Private Bathroom.

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Canarias Apartment

135.00 € / night Private - 125.00 € / night Shared

The Canary Islands have a unique charm, which you can discover by travelling a little off the beaten path. From volcanoes and lunar landscapes to sub-tropical forests and deserted beaches, the islands are a place to restore yourself with nature. This spacious apartment has two private bedrooms, with a lounge and a pool terrace and garden. Suitable for four guests, this is a great way to meet other like-minded people or for groups travelling together. Please note that due to the shared nature of this accommodation option, the rooms in the apartment can only be booked by female guests. Shared Bathroom just with one room.

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Sahara Tent

115.00 € / night Private

Tents used in the Sahara desert are beautiful works of art and surprisingly cosy! Come experience them for yourself with our glamping experience. We have one lovely traditional Sahara tent joined by a chill out lounge: a double bed There is a common Moroccan style chill out area for you between the tents for you to enjoy. The tent have power and lights, and access to an indoor bathroom in the main villa and an outdoor kitchen, you are never far from the luxuries of home. The large Moroccan tent will become a lovely space for chill out and meditations, which you also have access to. Shared Bathroom just with one room.

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Casita Wood

115.00 € / night Private

This little wood cabin at the end of the Buddha garden is a great cozy space for you to rest your head. With your very own seating area looking out across the garden to the pool and villa, this is a tranquil space for you to enjoy some rest and relaxation. Shared bathroom just with one room in the main villa.

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