The 13 Elemental Postures of Tai Chi or Tai Chi Shi-San-Shi

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The 13 Elemental Postures of Tai Chi or Tai Chi Shi-San-Shi

The 13 elemental postures of tai chi are often considered the fundamental practices of tai chi. They really aren’t postures. They consist of eight expressions of energy (forces) and five directions of movement (steps).

The 8 Energies (Forces) of Tai Chi.

The first four energies, Peng – Ward Off, Liu (or Lu) – Roll Back, Ji – Press and An – Push, are considered the primary forces. They can be considered as four ways to enhance your internal energy. The second four energies, Cai – Pluck or Pull, Lie – Split, Zhou – Elbow, Kao – Bumping, or Shoulder are considered the corner forces. They are important, but less common.

The 5 Steps of Tai Chi

Rooting is an important concept in stepping and movement in tai chi. Rooting helps build your awareness of weight shifts and delivering force. With this awareness, you can apply the footwork of the 5 steps. Standing meditation is a good starting practice for rooting. The five foot/leg works are: Jin Bu – Advancing Forward, Tui Bu – Retreating Backward, Zuo Ku (or Zuo Gu) – Stepping to the Left, You Pan – Stepping to the Right and Zhong Ding – Central Equilibrium.

Very soon We will post further details about each pose. Thank you!!





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