Today’s Longevity secrets from the Chinese Medicine Grand Masters

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Today’s Longevity secrets from the Chinese Medicine Grand Masters

Today’s Longevity secrets from the Chinese Medicine Grand Masters
The “Grand Master of Chinese Medicine” 国医大师 is an honorary title granted by Chinese government, and selected by a panel of various experts. The selection will take place every 5 years. The first selection occurred in 2008-09 and 30 TCM experts were named the Master of Chinese Medicine in 2009. Here are some secrets of longevity from the Grand Masters.

1. Don’t compete for fame, and let nature take its course
2. Adjust diet and lead a regular life.
3. Do regular exercise, do Qigong every morning.
4. Eat less. It means on one hand eat a meal until you’re about 80% full; on the other hand, don’t wait until too hungry.
5. Act less. Believes that cultivating Shen (Spirit) is the most important practice for longevity. Control your desires and be indifferent to fame and wealth.
6. Do what you like. It’s natural to find pleasure mentally and physically when indulging in the things that spark your interest.
7. Alternate hot and cold bath and they are relatively cold and hot alternation, which will make the blood vessels contraction and relaxation just like massaging the vessels.”
8.“A nurturing life needs a nurturing mind; an open mind leads to happiness. Keep a hospitable and peaceful mind. Enjoys thinking which keeps the brain working. In addition, he recommends making sure you have enough sleep, at least 7 hours a day, and take time for a lunch nap.

9. Eat ginger after getting up in the morning. Eat ginger with dates and brown sugar promotes health and wellbeing. Eat ginger in the morning but not at night.
10. Massaging and rubbing your face in the morning and having a foot bath before going to bed. The foot bath will pull the blood down and it is assists the brain in getting into sleep mode.

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