Happy New Year from Villa Azul with Tai Chi Fuerteventura

We wanted to do our latest session of Tai Chi 2016 in “Villa Azul”, the best place possible to relax and find yourself while you discover […]

The art of eating intelligently using the Yin-Yang food balance. Food as medicine

Food and drink are necessary to nurture life. But if it’s not known , the natures of the various substances can be opposed to each other, […]

Taoist Yoga for good health on your Retreat Experience in Fuerteventura

This specific Yoga and Taoist Gymnastics was created by our Chinese Grand Master Wang Wei Gou and transmitted to his first European students around the 80s, […]

Family Tai Chi Excursion to the Fuerteventura craters

Doing different things with family and other activities during your holiday, The Tai Chi Excursions is a fun way of introducing for the first time Tai […]