Taoist Yoga for good health on your Retreat Experience in Fuerteventura

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Taoist Yoga for good health on your Retreat Experience in Fuerteventura

This specific Yoga and Taoist Gymnastics was created by our Chinese Grand Master Wang Wei Gou and transmitted to his first European students around the 80s, this treasure is an ancient Chinese practice, is the place inside Tai Chi training where we work more deeply specific exercises of stretching and gymnastics to develop the awareness of move any part of our body. At first you might be surprised that you move certain areas that maybe since child did not move. The awareness and activation of these areas that did not move for so long will help you channel energy and blood supply again to unblock them, thus avoiding certain pathologies and moving again fluently. All movements that include these techniques seek to strengthen, open and release to feel agile and slow down the aging. We work out exercises that we call “Exteriors” for the skull, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, spine, hips, pelvis, buttocks, legs, reaching the plant and toes, and “Interiors” to treat and stimulate Internal organs where by means of a mild revival we will awaken each one of them to help them to clean themselves and to create space between them since they often swell, be it by stress, poor diet and habits in general. In this way, the interior space will feel happier and younger.

In the classes that we always implement, each student does what he can and is gradually getting better, the important thing is to go at his own pace to give his body time to strengthen, align and put everything in its place. The difficulty of the posture or movements will gradually move forward.

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