Discover why coming to Fuerteventura is much more than a holiday

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Discover why coming to Fuerteventura is much more than a holiday

The Throne Of The King Mr. Ben having a rest after the beach Tai Chi Qigong practice. Great 7 days Retreat, see you soon!

Sometimes you can feel that the time has come to return even if you do not know where. Maybe to a place where you have not been before but your soul will recognize. The natural world for which our bodies and minds were created.

We live in cities in which we can share our lifes and create things together but they confine us in a technological universe that limits our movements and our breathing. Like everything in life, it can be something beautiful or very sad. It is a matter of balance.

Fuerteventura is the place to recover the lost balance. Here it is easy to feed the body, mind and soul of sun, air, natural food and experiences. It just seems to happen by itsself because life is like that, what is really important is spontaneous. Paco Borges often says: “this is something more than a holiday, it is an experience of wellness”. In addition to Tai Chi teacher and creator of Tai Chi Fuerteventura Retreat, he is a native of this beautifull island and he knows that within all of us there is an intense love for the wide spaces, the endless skies, the dazzling sunlight and the universal mystery of the sea.

Observing the sea one dives into his own inner sea and joy fills the mind. Watching the coming and going of the waves breaking against the cliffs, the body begins to beat with the current of life, feels the vital flow of which it is a part. So you honor your body and your mind and the soul becomes free because here it remembers that it was born to be free.

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